PAWS @ The Shires Dog Grooming are pleased to offer FREE puppy introductions to the grooming process to help set your puppy up for a lifetime of happy grooming. We are passionate about the dog learning to accept the grooming process and want to share our knowledge, experience and tips to help the dog learn how to accept and enjoy their visit to the groomers. The sessions are being offered ‘out of hours’ to allow for a calm introduction to the grooming room.

Getting used to grooming and handling are an important part of your puppy’s life, beginning at the earliest age possible and, dependent on which breed you have, your pup may need to be professionally groomed and visit a groomer every 4-6 weeks.

Brushing, stroking and examining your dog is not just about making your dog look good, it is a great way to bond with your dog and an ideal time to carry out health checks on their skin, eyes, ears, teeth, pads and nails etc.

Make grooming a positive experience and your dog will be wagging its tail and running into the grooming parlour.

During the puppy introduction, your pup will be introduced to the sights, smells and sounds of the grooming room. We will discuss with you the best grooming routine for your dog’s breed and the type of coat they have. Grooming tools will be shown to you and we can explain how best to brush your dog and ways to make this a positive time for him/her.

You will take away with you brochures that will cover:

– The home grooming routine (how to create a positive experience for your pet whilst brushing)
– How to keep professional grooming costs to a minimum (how to maintain your dogs coat in-between professional grooms)
– Matts (a useful document that explains the effects of matting on your dog, if relevant to its coat)
– Choosing a Groomer (what to look for when researching a professional groomer for your dog)

Call 01327 341833 to book your appointment.

Please note: Your pup must have received all its puppy vaccinations and be under 6 months of age.