Nervous Dogs

Here at PAWS @ The Shires Dog Grooming we have the experience and knowledge to deal with nervous dogs who, for whatever reason, do not like the grooming process.  Jo is a qualified dog behaviourist and specialises in dealing with nervous dogs, putting them at ease and helping them accept the grooming process.

Some dog’s problems are not fixed in an instant, but over time and with the owners commitment to wanting to help their furry friend, nearly all dogs will come around and will start to enjoy their visit to the grooming room.

Jo’s ability to work with nervous dogs in the grooming room comes from her vast experience in dog grooming, training, behaviour and working dogs.  She was a member of a national dog display team, dog handler with a national search and rescue team (live/cadaver search dog handler), pet agility trainer, asst. NASDU trainer,  pet dog training including anti-social dogs.

Co-owner Mark is a retired Police Dog Section Sgt. with over 25 years experience of training, handling and working dogs.  His experience of dogs and their ‘drives’ helps when dealing with nervous dogs and he can quickly put them at ease and help them to accept the grooming process.

If you think your dog will be nervous at the groomers, or has had bad experiences in the past, please email us with contact details of yourself, details of your dog, age, breed, history and issues that they may have visiting the grooming room and someone will get back to you to discuss the best way forward for your furry friend. Our email address is or use our contact us page.